1. What is the training portal?

The Training Portal, initiated by Tourism Seychelles, is a Virtual Learning Platform where partners can achieve an in-depth level of training and e-learning on Seychelles as a destination through different topics and modules.

2. Who can take part?

The platform aims at training travel trade operators and agents in the tourism industry who are selling Seychelles and also, potential partners who are interested in selling the destination.

3. How do I complete a module?

To complete a module, you must score 100% for that module.

4. What happens if I leave a module mid-way?

You will receive the scores obtained from the attempted questions before leaving the module.

5. How many times am I allowed to retry a module?

You are allowed to try a module as many times until you complete the module with a 100% score.

6. Where can I see all the modules I have attempted?

You can see the current and completed modules on the Dashboard menu and the All Modules page.

7. Where can I see all the modules I have completed?

All completed modules can be seen from the Dashboard menu and under the My Account Menu in the Achievements section.

8. How to unlock the modules in the achievements section?

To unlock the modules, you must receive a 100% score.

9. How to contact us?

You can contact us via the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

10. What happens after I successfully completed all the modules?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion.

11. How to start a module?

Start by clicking on All Modules from the Home page and click Start on the first module, then the Start Training button.

12. How can I learn more about a module before attempting the module?

From the All Modules menu click the module you want to learn more about, followed by clicking on the Research section.

13. How do I complete a module?

In order to complete a module, you must score 100%.

14. How to attempt the next module after completing a module?

After completing a module, click on the next module to attempt the next module button or click on My Dashboard to go back to the home page.

15. Where can I see all the modules I have completed?

You can see all the completed modules from the My Account menu in the Achievements section.